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Gold Award

Walkherefordshire.com is the brainchild of Dennis Downey, who moved to Herefordshire 20 years ago,Since living in the county he has developed his interest expertise and love of the outdoors whilst exploring the fine walking country in Herefordshire and the surrounding area.

Dennis now wishes to share his unique knowledge and experience with others,he has extensive experience of long distance walks, having completed the Big Black Mountain Challenge for charity twice.

He has walked often on Offa's Dyke and completed Glyndwr's Way, the Shropshire Way and the Worcestershire Way.

Walking and Mountaineering in Scotland, the English Lake District, in South and North Wales, Norway and Sweden often in severe conditions are some of the highlights of his walking career over the last 30 years.

Dennis is a volunteer walk leader for the highly sucessful Herefordshire Walking Festival held in June every year.

Dennis hold appropriate First Aid qualifcations and £5m Civil Liabilty Insurance.

He is now an Accredited Expedition Assessor for the DofE for Bronze ,  Silver , and Gold  Level Expeditions.

Dennis has recently been awarded an Exceptional Service Award by Walking For Health.

What to Wear - The Overlooked Legs

We all spend a lot of time choosing new boots, making sure they fit and have the latest technological extras, and oodles of time picking out the right rucksack and fleece, but how much time do we give to making sure the old legs "Mark I" are properly catered for, after all they do the hard work of getting us from A to B, plus the meanders in the middle. So our friends at Outdoor Look thought we had come up with something to give you a few pointers on what to look out for when selecting something for the overlooked legs.

Fit - We have to be sure they will allow easy movement so not too tight, but remember they don't want to be too loose that they end up flapping in the wind and causing irritation by rubbing against your skin. Elasticated panels in the waist are a great idea to avoid that digging in feeling if too tight, but remember too loose and you could be in trouble, so a combination of an adjustable webbing belt or belt loops will offer you the most versatility.

Fabric - Obvious points to look for here are hard wearing, quick drying, wind resistant and as light as possible.

Pockets - While you will always get a couple of standard hip pockets, when you are out walking even if these have zips you can't keep much in them, so look out for at least one secure cargo type pocket which is great to hold the map/guidebook you are using.

Durability - Boys will be boys when outside (and girls too these days) so think about reinforced knees and seat for those days out scrambling the slopes.

Ankle Cuffs - Avoid looking like you are wearing flares and look for those which fit snugly over your boots.

Versatility - If you are buying trousers only to be used for your walking trips then performance needs to be considered; look for a brand you know or is well respected; maybe even consider something that is specially designed for the terrain you are expecting to face on your next trip. On the other hand if you want to be able to use them as a pair of casual trousers you may want to look at certain aspects in a different way.

At the end of the day it's all about your own personal preferences and what compromises you have to make, so have a look through some Outdoor Look's best-selling walking trousers  and see what can be added to your walking wardrobe!


NOT SURE WHAT TO WEAR OR WHERE TO BUY IT, VISIT  http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/beginners-walking-checklist


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