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We are an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, we are able to offer pre-expedition training, supervision for practice expeditions and assessment for qualifying expeditions at Bronze and Silver level of the award.

We are able to provide independent assessors for expeditions at  Gold Level


Events in 2018.


Open Training and Expeditions 

Join us for  training plus your Practice or Qualifying  Expeditions at Bronze Level. 

  The aim of the expedition to discover, Historical Geographical and Literary Evidence of the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in 1462 .


price of expedition £130 per person..


Dates are available on receipt of an e-mail  

An essential piece of your Expedition Emergency Kit  http://www.call4five.com/


Some Comments from Recent Participants at Gold Level

Some Comments from Recent Participants at Gold Level '' Overall, the whole expedition went smoothly. Everyone was in good spirits most of the time and the route provided a great variety of scenery and levels of toughness. There were tough parts but this is what separates gold from the other awards. Our assessor gave us enough freedom and independence to make us feel self-sustained but still provided support and accessible/useful advice, which allowed the whole experience to feel more enjoyable and free, less like an assessment. ''I felt that the expedition went really well. The route was nice and the views from the top of the hills (enormous) almost made the effort of climbing up worth it. The map reading was challenging at times but quite fun, overall the whole experience was challenging but very rewarding at the end of each day.'' We all worked well as a team, sharing our tasks and encouraging one another when needed. The summer weather was lovely and allowed us to see Herefordshire at its best. At the end of the expedition, we are all tired and achy but very pleased and happy to have completed a hard expedition.
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